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THE CIDERS: All the Domaine Dupont ciders carry a vintage date.
This choice of dating the ciders allows the difference between the years to be highlighted and for their evolution over time to be followed better. Cider can be tasted just like wine and deserves the same respect and attention as wine.

The ciders

loupeThe Domaine Dupont ciders

Cidre Bouché:
Made using the traditional methods of the Pays d'Auge. The fruit forward and fresh mouth shows the flavours of apples and citrus fruits with finesse.

Organic Cider:
Made following the standards "Bio UE" with untreated apples. No sulfites added. Fresh, with hints of bitterness and honey on the mouth.

Cidre Reserve:
Aged six months in casks which had formerly contained calvados. This aging gives it breadth, finesse and complexity.

Cidre Triple:
An unusual craftsman style cider made from a selection of bitter apples .

Cuvée Colette:
Made using the "traditional method" of sparkling wines. Attractively aromatic, moderately fresh, showing elegance and finesse on the mouth.

THE CALVADOS: The Domaine Dupont Calvados all have the "Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Pays d'Auge". Made using double distillation in a Charente style alembic, they all receive aging in oak barrels, for periods varying between 2 to 40 years. They are only bottled when about to be sold.

The calvados

loupe The Domaine Dupont Calvados

Calvados du Pays d'Auge - The Original:
Aged for two years in old casks. This young calvados is fruit forward in style.
Also available as SPRAY ...

Calvados du Pays d'Auge - The Classics:
The younger ones are lively and full of fruit. The older ones are softened by long aging in oak casks, which give them complex woody hints of vanilla. Each of them has its own personality.
Fine Reserve · Reserve · Vieille Reserve · VSOP · Hors d'Age · +12yrs · +15yrs · +20yrs · +30yrs
+45yrs · · · Vintage 1988 · 1980 · 1977 · 1969

Calvados du Pays d'Auge - Unreduced:
Bottled at Cask strength without cold filtration. Unreduced calvados possess a unique intensity both on the nose and in the mouth.
+30yrs NR · +45yrs NR

Pomme Captive (=Captive apple):
Captive in the bottle, an attractive apple bathes sweetly in a young calvados. As attractive as it is tasty.

APPLE DELIGHTS: The gentleness of Calvados Cream, the sweetness of Givre, the power of Pommeau, delicacy of Pétillant... one thing doesn't change: the fruit and the expression of the apple.

Givre, Pétillant, Pommeau, Calvados Cream

loupe Givre, Pétillant, Pommeau, Calvados Cream

Domaine Dupont exclusive. This non sparkling "sweet wine" from apples, low in alcohol has unique aromatic richness and sweetness. Givre won a prize at the Innovative Food competition from Normandy.

Apple Juice and Jus de Pomme Pétillant (=Sparkling Apple Juice):
100% natural pure apple juice. Light and refreshing.

A felicitous marriage between Calvados and freshly pressed apple juice, rich in tannins. Pommeau combines power, sweetness and gentleness.

Calvados Cream / Dream:
A harmonious mix of young calvados, and a light cream liquor. Calvados Cream is a smooth creamy liqueur with aromas of caramel, apples and vanilla.

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