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Calvados Dupont

Apple & Quince

This natural sparkling wine was born from the idea of ​​combining two fruits from the Rosaceae family: the quince, fruit from forgotten orchards, and the apple, traditional fruit from the Pays d'Auge. This original co-fermentation reveals a delicious quaffable cider, with unexpected aromas of blood orange peel mixed with the freshness of the apple.

Victot-Pontfol. Nutrient poor clay and oxfordian marl soil.
60% bittersweet apples, 40% quinces.
September to November
Alcohol cont.
5% vol.

Techniques used

Controlled fermentation in stainless steel vats. Indigenous yeasts. Stabilization of the cider is sought by carrying out successive racking. Unpasteurized cider. Bottling from March to April.
Density (O.G.): 1052 after pressing, i.e. 115g of sugar per litre. 1011 when bottling, i.e. a percentage of alcohol in the bottle after foaming of 5%.

Tasting notes

Eyes: Yellow color, golden reflection.
Nose: Acacia honey and white flowers. After aeration, fresh and vegetal fragrance with notes of apricots and raisins.
Mouth: Powerful and structured. The bitterness of quince combined with the acidity of apple reveals unexpected aromas of blood orange peel and a finish mixing citrus and spices.


No added sugar.
Calories per glass (12.5cl): 65 Kcal.

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Storage: bottles upright in a cool cellar (8-12°C or 46-54°F). In good conditions, can be kept for 5 years from the date of bottling. The cider resting on its lees, the mouth will refine and become more complex.
Service: as an aperitif, to accompany a dessert or to quench your thirst during a snack. Serve chilled 8-10°C (46-50°F).

Bottle type: 75 cl

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