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Calvados Dupont

Apple "sweet wine"

This non sparkling "sweet wine" from apples has a unique aromatic richness and sweetness. Domaine Dupont exclusive. Givre won a prize at the Innovative Food from Normandy competition. Organic.

Nutrient poor clay and marl soil,
perfect for giving small fruit.
60% of bittersweet apples
40% of acid apples
from October to November
From March to July
Residual Sugar
159 g per liter
Alcohol cont.
12% vol.
Certified as Organic by FR-BIO-09

Techniques used

The cider ferments in stainless steel vats. Givre is made by cooling the cider to very low temperature. At these temperatures, crystals of ice appear. They are separated from the liquid, which is thereby enriched with sugar, alcohol and body. Eight stages of chilling are needed in order to obtain Givre.

Tasting notes

Eyes: Orange color with slightly coppery and mahogany reflections. Brilliant and clear.
Nose: Caramelized apple, dried fruits supported by stone fruits.
Mouth: Round, rich, highly concentrated. Aromas of caramelized apples, raisins and nuts, with hints of candied cherries. A beautiful balance between sweetness and acidity, leading to a complex and refreshing finish..


No sugar added.


Storage: Keep the bottles upright or lying down in a cool cellar (8 to 12°C, 46 to 54°F ). Givre keeps for a long time. After opening, keep refrigerated and drink within a week to avoid any oxidation.
Service: Serve very chilled to accompany blue cheese, pan-fried foie gras, dessert made with dried fruits and apple (Tarte Tatin, crumble, walnut cake), chocolate and red fruits.

Press comments

Challenge Best French Wine & Spirit for Asia: Gold medal

Bottle type: 37,5 cl

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