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Calvados Cream
Crème de Calvados

A harmonious mixture between young calvados and a liquor, based on single (light) cream, the cream liqueur Calvados Cream is a sweet and unctuous liqueur with aromas of caramel, apples and vanilla.

Method used

Calvados cream is made from two year old calvados containing 69% vol of alcohol, together with a cream liquor, sugar and caramel. The calvados is mixed with the cream liquor, the sugar and the caramel. The mixture, obtained by mixing at low temperature is filled into opaque bottles.
Alcohol: 15 % vol.

Tasting notes

Eyes: Milky coffee in colour.
Nose: Gentle, sweet, caramel and apples.
Mouth: Smooth and gentle. The attack is of sweet caramel and apples. Finishes on vanilla.


- Storage: Unopened, the bottle can be kept for up to 2 years at room temperature. Once open, keep cold and finish within six months.
- As an aperitif or digestive: Serve cold, alone on ice.
- In cooking: Used in patisserie, and to coat apple based desserts. Delicious with a ball of vanilla ice cream.

Bottle type: 50 cl - 70 cl    Calvados Cream bottle 50 cl  Bottle 70 cl
>> Read the Dream technical data sheet (content 70cl )

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