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A.O.C. Calvados du Pays d'Auge

Pomme Captive (= "captive apple") contains an attractive apple, macerating in young Calvados.


Pomme captiveIn order to create this attractive presentation, the carafe is suspended in the spring from the branches of the apple tree as soon as the first little apples appear. The apple then grows inside the carafe. When the fruit becomes ripe, the carafe is removed from the tree with its apple held captive inside it.


The carafes are then filled with young Calvados at 70%, which allows the apples to settle down and stabilize. Several weeks later, they are emptied and refilled with Calvados. The apples then macerates gently in the Calvados.
Alcohol: 40% vol.

Tasting notes

Eyes: The end result of the Captive Apple is both visually attractive and very agreeable to taste. Colour, amber yellow. Clear and brilliant.
Nose: Gentle attack, great aromatic intensity. Green Apple, geranium, minty.
Mouth: Consistent, slightly bitter, the first taste is all green apples. The finish is vegetal, with a lot of breadth. Present at the back of the nose.

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- Storage: So that the imprisoned apple is kept at its best, take care that the fruit is always covered with Calvados.
- As an Aperitif: on its own, on ice or with a drop or two of water to let it release its aromas.
- For cooking: flambéing, sorbets and granités.
- As a digestive: drink at room temperature from 20 to 22°C (68 to 72°F).

Bottle type: 70 cl - actual calvados content: about 60 cl (depending upon the size of the fruit).

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