Cidre Triple
Bottle Domaine Dupont Cidre Triple

Cidre Triple
Unusual Cider

Bottle Domaine Dupont Cidre Triple

Cidre Triple is created using a selection of bitter apples, inspired by the techniques used to make the famous long keeping dark beers. Its bitterness and fruit flavours, its alcohol strength and fine amber colour all combine to make Cidre Triple an unusual product of strong and individual personality. An must to offer to lovers of small scale specialist beers, full of character.

Nutrient poor clay and marl soil,
perfect for giving small fruit.
100% of bittersweet apples
Main variety: Mettais
Alcohol content:
11% vol.

Techniques used:
Triple fermentation from a selection of bitter apples. After the first fermentation of the natural sugars, an addition of extra sugar allows a second fermentation to take place, giving 11% vol. The third fermentation takes place in the bottle to give the mousse. Bottled: the December of the year following harvesting.
Density (O.G.): 1065 after pressing, equivalent to 145 g of sugar per litre.

Tasting Notes:
Eyes: Amber mahogany colour. Hazy, fine mousse.
Nose: Dry, tannic, hints of chicory.
Mouth: Hints of chicory and licorice. Bitter and astringent, long.

No gluten.

Storage: Keep the bottles upright. Keeps several years in good conditions. This cider is neither filtered nor pasteurised. For that reason, some deposit may appear on the bottom of the bottle.
Service: Treat like a beer. Goes well with cold meats, charcuterie, cheeses, endive salads and sauerkraut.

Won a prize at the 2010 Innovative Food Competition from Normandy.

Bottle type: 75 cl


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