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Cidre Triple
Unusual Cider

Cidre Triple is created using a selection of bitter apples, inspired by the techniques used to make the famous long keeping dark beers. Its bitterness and fruit flavours, its alcohol strength and fine amber colour all combine to make Cidre Triple an unusual product of strong and individual personality. A must to offer to lovers of small scale specialist beers, full of character. Organic cider.

Nutrient poor clay and marl soil,
perfect for giving small fruit.
100% of bitter apples
Alcohol cont.
8.5% vol.
Certified as Organic by FR-BIO-09

Techniques used

Double fermentation in stainless steel vats with indigenous yeasts and total control of the natural effervescence of the cider through a passage in closed vats before bottling (Closed Tank Charmat method). Unpasteurized cider.

Tasting notes

Eyes: Orange color, copper reflections.
Nose: Caramelized apple, citrus fruits, floral notes. Fermented wheat nose.
Mouth: Frank and powerful attack, beautiful bitterness, notes of grapefruit, supported by apple tannin and a noticeably mineral finish bringing a smoky touch.


No gluten.

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Storage: Keep the bottles upright. Keeps several years in good conditions. This cider is neither filtered nor pasteurised. For that reason, some deposit may appear on the bottom of the bottle.
Service: A gourmet cider to enjoy like a tasting beer. Goes well with cold meats, cold meats, strong cheeses (Munster, Livarot), endive salads, sauerkraut.


Nordic International Cider Awards 2022 : Bronze Award

Bottle type: 37.5 cl - 75 cl - 20L Keykeg

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